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LuvDisaster Records is a Brazilian electronic music label who specialise releasing drum & bass with national and international artists. Established in 2008, they have since enjoyed more than 30 releases to date including Muwookie’s Knowing Ep and DuoScience’s Concord You. We caught up with boss Eduardo Ferreira to find out more…

Why did you decide to start the label?
The label was set up to fullfil a gap in the scene for newcomers and obviously because of our passion for the style.

Who is involved with running it?
Myself and Eduardo Ferreira who works as a producer under the artistic name of Oliver Ferrer and also responsable for the marketing and design concept with my background with label market. There’s also DJ Koiti, who’s been into the drum & bass scene for a while now and is more focused on musical matters. But, both with good taste for music.

What’s the ethos behind the label?
It’s based on promoting newcomers and the liquid funk style – bringing to the scene new potential producers around the world. We are always close to the artist working on his career and developing it.

Tell us more about your key artists…
We have recently signed up the artist C.A.B.L.E. who is not into liquid funk but he is a brilliant Brazilian producer that has previously worked with great labels such as Metalheadz, CIA and Innerground. We also have DuoScience, who we discovered and has become a reference of our label on the drum & bass scene signing lots of releases with other labels in a short time. Other names like Mixmaster Doc, Qumulus, Dave Owen, MsDos, Muwookie, Paul SG, DJ Chap, L-Side, Linky, Giorgiolive and a few others are part of our 30 members or so team.

On what formats do you release?
Digital. Certainly the main format for the close future. We could also have a special physical products eventualy but we are definately focused on digital.

What do you look for in potential artists?
Consistency. We believe that consistence is a major quality for a newcomer who needs to build up an identity.

Are you looking for more artists and if so where should producers send demos?
Sure. You can send your demo to with download link or add us at AIM: luvdisasterbr

What has been your biggest releases to date?
We’ve had four that really stand out – Muwookie’s Knowing EP (LUV034), DuoScience’s Concord You EP – (LUV021), Dave Shichman & Dave Owen’s Tight Polite – (LUV024), Qumulus’s Soul Wave – (LUV026).

What do you have coming out soon?
DJ Chap is having a great support from big names from the scene like Bailey, Fabio, Grooverider & Crissy Criss, JJ Frost & Bryan G, LTJ Bukem with the release It Seems I’m Never, which we’ve signed a few days ago. Also, the new DuoScience EP is fantastic! We can’t wait for it to come out!

Tell us more about the event you promote and what it’s like?
The name of the event is Monsters of Drum and Bass and is focused on bringing worldwide big names of the drum & bass scene to Brazil. I also have DJ Koiti and DJ Andy as my partners. On the very first edition we had DJ TC and MC Jakes and the second one with D-Bridge. The event was considered one of the best parties in Brazil by the public. You can find more info and see pics and videos here.

Drum & bass has been established in Brazil for a while now. How are you finding the scene at the moment in Brazil and South America?
First we had an initial boom, then I guess people just didn’t keep it alive. Now the scene is growing back up with some events and talented DJs being released by great labels throughout the world. The same is happening with other South American countries.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
I’d like to thank you all for the interview and leave a positive message for those of drum & bass. Always aim for your dream.

I’d also like to thank all the artists who have supported us, especially Bailey, Bryan Gee, Die, Fabio, Grooverider, dBridge, LTJ Bukem, Crissy Criss, Jason Magin, Ash A Tack, BTK, Random Movement, Bungle, A Sides, Chris Intaface, Stunna, Rieosky, Bad Boy Orange & many more! Thank You!



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