JI BEN GONG | LuvDisaster Records


Ji Ben Gong is a Producer/DJ from Bordeaux, France. He discovered the Drum’n’Bass movement in the end of the 20th century. Now he is focusing on the liquid & soulful side of Drum’n’Bass, making tunes with a melodic and warm building and delivering the must of “hotness” and “sunshine”. He also runs his own radio show every Tuesday 6 – 8 pm (central euro time) on Bassdrive, leader of liquid and soulful Drum’n’Bass worldwide. Ji Ben Gong’s tunes were supported from Overfiend, Dfunk, LDNB, Dj Spim, Joe Nebula, Scott Allen, Oliver Ferrer, DJ Koiti, Giorgiolive, Mayforms, Dj Amnesty and many more.


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