The brothers JrDeep and Guilherme Lopes that forms the Drumagick production team are the prince regents of Brazilian Drum’n’bass. Influenced by Marky and Patife’s global breakthrough they are part of the crack team of drum’n’bass.The greatest form of flattery is imitation and many of the producers and labels in the ever-thriving Drum’n’Bass fraternity tried to cash in on the Brazilian bug from t

he late nineties onwards. Some have done a good job, other results have been more questionable. Drumagick ARE quite simply the real deal – the genuine article – re-inventing and fashioning global music with its own genuine Latin take on it.Drumagick similarly re-invented the samba, with a healthy diet of heavy bass, dancefloor funk and energetic melody, and made serious waves on this side of the Atlantic. This culminated in a debut LP “Ai Maluco” released on the SambaLoco imprint (Trama Records) that had been the brain behind and engine fuelling this revolution. This included collaborations with Max De Castro, XRS and Marky that helped establish Drumagick as a force to be reckoned with. A live tour in South America ensued and exposed drum’n’bass to the masses in Brazil and inspired Latin America’s youth… A new crop of heroes was born and Brazil was dancing to its beat.Then came EASYBOOM… An instant classic from first hearing, rinsed by all even before its official release (it was included on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide compilation and reached No. 3 in the BBC Radio 1 All Winners chart in 2003) and it still sounds as fresh today as when it first came out. Remixes for two City of God soundtrack songs, a rework of Mitchell & Dewbury’s “Beyond the Rains” have been just a few of the highlights post – Easyboom.The guys went to Europe with their Live Band format starting in 2005 and spreading the word in the old continent for excellent audiences at places like London Koko, Manchester Academy, Jazz Café, Post Garage (Graz) and more. Now Drumagick is preparing their new Live Act based in their latest album for the next live band European tour.The newest project of the brothers is their own label called Bmr Music. With a list of good releases with artists like DJ Marky, Dynamite MC, XRS, Gilberto Gil, Ernesto, M Jazzy, Alex DB and themselves the label is already on it’s 6th release to be out soon with Drumagick collabs with the brazilian samba singer Clara Moreno and the track “La Musique” witch is part of the “Dance Box” album. More releases for this year including the second digital EP “Dance Box” CD and a couple of fresh singles are prepared to be out on Bmr Music, stay tuned.

You can check “All The Beats Podcast” the official Drumagick’s podcast witch is published in the biggest electronic music website in Brazil, the www.rraurl.comThere you’ll find drum’n bass, house music and freestyle mixes that the brothers spreads in their gigs around the globe.
The nu-samba beat is here to stay and it will continue to rock dance-floors from Brixton to Brooklyn.

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