With one unquestionaable techinque , an irreverent and dancing style added to his feeling, which is his main differential , he manages his dancefloor and shakes his public with his charisma, working always with a pleasant and involvent repertoire .

Dj Marnel is one of the biggest names of drum & bass scenes in Brazil.  His carrer has started in middle of 1993 , in small parties where he acquired experience in eletronic music in order to have his own party, The Bass, which nowadays is well known all over the country.. Marnel has a complete history of big parties and atitutes that bring us back the old and missed time clubs such as Toco, Over Night and Boradway, therefore remembering the very beggining of drum & bass history in Brazil.

Dj Marnel stands the flag of eletronic music production, having tracks lauched by a diversion of brands, national and international. He has sorted his first mixed CD in 2005 being 100% national recorded by URBR, helping them to disseminate new producers of drum & bass work, adding to his his work new names and consagrated names.

Recently Marnel has played in a large number of countries in south america, such as Chile, Argentina, Paraguay where ultimatley is the residing DJ of a quarterly party Vibrations/Asincion-Paraguay and in addition to this also a Dj resident at Blue Velvet Bar at Jardins neighborhood. In this last one, he shows his musical ecletic talent, playing Jazz, Funk70, Rock and soulful house.

In 2011 , he recorded the promotional set for Luv Disaster Records and the following releases by the same brand. The DJ is always playing in big events accomplished by the major names in the eletronic worldwide scene.

Jumpin Jack Frost (V Rec-UK), Bad Company (BC Rec-UK), Marcus Intalex (Soul:r-UK), DJ Addiction (Defunked-UK), Dj Loxy (UK), Goldie (Metalheadz-UK), Hype (Playa’z/Ganja-UK), Ed Rush (Vírus-UK), Bryan Gee (V rec-UK), Dj SS (Formation rec-UK), Doc Scott (31 Rec), WalKingStik (Liquid Sky-USA), Silver (UK), Dj Hazard (UK), Mc SP (UK), Cleveland Watkiss (UK), Stamina Mc (UK), Twisted Individual (USA), Dj Ink (UK), Chris Intaface (Kiss-100FM (Uk), Mc Fats(UK), Dj Fabio (UK), Dj Craze (USA), Dj Aki (Japão), Dj Yuki (Japão), Dillinja (UK), Dj Strife (Usa), Dj Die (Uk),  Dj Marky, Dj Patife, XRS,  Dj Mau Mau, Renato Cohen, Ricardo Guedes, Renato Lopes and many other in the world scene.

In addition he has played in events like: Vibrations (Paraguay), +160 (Argentina), Rewind (Chile),  Skol Beats, BMF, Parada da Paz, MegAvonts, Goiânia Music Festival, EMF (DF), Love Parade (DF), Tech-Tronik (DF), Porão do Rock (DF), E-Force (Playcenter), São Paulo Fashion Week, Mercado Mundo Mix (SP/BH), Movement Tour Brasil, Birthdays Lov.e Club, Yamada Tim Festival (Belém-PA)…

He has played in clubs such as : Lov.e Club, D-Edge, Tapas Club, Vegas Club, Blue Velvet, Susi In Transe, Broadway, Jive, Toco, Over Night, Arena, Cokeluxe, Cabral, B.A.S.E., Club A, Glitter, Borracharia Bar, Deputamadre (BH),  Matriz (BH), Bunker 94 (RJ), Casa da Matriz (RJ), Nuth Lounge (RJ), TAJ (Dourados-MT)


Dj Marnel – Yllek   “Spiritual Drum n’Bass” (Sambaloco/Trama 2001)
Dj Marnel & Mikrob – Illusion (São Paulo Fashion Week series 2002 – Trama)
Dj Marnel & Dj Will – Albatroz  “DJ Ramilson Maia presents Drum n’ Bass Brazucas vol.1-2003”
Dj Marnel & Mikrob – Good Vibes  (Phuturo rec 2003)
Dj Marnel & Danny – Krokus  (URBR 2005)
Dj Marnel & Mikrob – Love in Space  (URBR 2005)
Dj Marnel – URBR Presents vol. 3   (URBR 2005)
Linky & Giorgiolive feat. Dj Marnel – Soul Vision (LuvDisaster 2009)
Oliver Ferrer & Giorgiolive feat. Marnel, Linky e Koiti – 5 headz (LuvDisaster 2010)
Bass Reflex & Dj Marnel – Addicted  (Beats Connection 2011)
LUVTUNES vol. 4 by Dj Marnel (LuvDisaster  2011)
Bass Reflex & Dj Marnel – Space Chipa EP  (LuvDisaster 2011)

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