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The project Critycal Dub began in 2006 when DJs Thiago Borges and DavidAcuna knew the producer over the Internet. The initial idea was to try to do something different, try to look for a different style than all producers were in Brazil, since most producers produced only a liquid style. And so we begin to make the productions always looking for versatility and so we begin to make a styleRagga Jump Up and it could be a difference, and thus create the identity of the project Critycal Dub.
Our influences come from a variety of sources, such as classical music, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop, Jungle, and influences house … in 2007 signed the band RudeBwoy’s the chronic, subselo’s V Recordings label Bryan Gee and followingsigned tracks like Silence, and Touch the Sky, our partnership with friend and producer Level 2! We have the T5 project with Level 2 and DJ Rusty, and released by V. LIQUID Critycal Dub is currently comprised of David and ThiagoBorges, and today also released by LuvDisaster Records, Love Hurts and Low Frequency Audio Promo. Critycal Dub has performed in some countries such as Argentina, Chile and England.

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