Bruno Henrique Rezende de Souza aka Subsid began his career as a producer in mid-2007 making music geared to the dancefloors, in 2008 devoted himself to a style as light and smooth on the “liquid drum and bass, producing music with inspiration in jazz and soul!  Currently he is focused on its new production and already participates in important projects of the global electronic scene.  Big names in the world give full support for their projects since the beginning of his career as Rusty, Nine, Stunner, Atmospherix, Operon, Fabio Chap, Critycal Dub & etc …



A product of the cultural wasteland that is Essex in the UK, Tim Cant found spiritual salvation from hardcore rave music in his teens. Starting out creating primitive jungle techno tunes on his home computer, he became obsessed with making music, and would eventually devote himself to studying production technique.

After moving to Bath to work at Computer Music magazine, Tim spent years learning the secrets of drum & bass production, and would eventually begin signing his heavily jungle-influenced, atmospheric tracks to labels such as Phuzion Digital, Offworld, Influenza, Midnight Sun, Textures Music Group, Liquid Brilliants, Urban Chemistry and Soul Deep.



Born 1984, french Dj & Producer from Paris. He is involved into french Drum & Bass scene since 8 years, organising events and djing with his mates from Amplitude, EN2, Exploration & Quality lab crews.

In 2010 he starts to produce Liquid Drum & Bass tracks cause he feels at ease with this musical genre as he can mix all his influences together from Soul to US Funk & Jazz! Since he has released tracks on many labels starting with the great Totaal Rez records, then Liquid Brilliants and now on some of the most important liquid-dnb labels like Soul Deep, Influenza and Luv disaster. Watch out for his release in 2014, gonna be a prolific year for him! He is also behind the DNB duo ‘KORUS’ with his mate Seereal.


Technimatic, Velocity, Scott Allen, Macca, Duoscience, Stunna, Dj Chap, Phat Playaz, Salaryman, Loz Contreras, Bassdrive Crew.

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