Born in Sao Paulo, Fabio Araujo Faria Aka (Simplification) is Producer and DJ, now lives in the town of Maua, Sao Paulo ABC.His first contact with music was still in its infancy, through songs of the 70, 80 and 90 as Jazz, Black Music, R & B, Soul, Dance, Funk, House, etc … It has always been influenced by names such as Marvin Gaye / Stevie Wonder / Michael Jackson / Madonna / Donna Summer / PublicEnemy / Cypress Hill / Roni Size / DJ Hype / J Majik / Dillinja / DJ Zinc, among others. Started DJing early because loved electronic music and its variations, later became involved with other DJs in town, give forward only had more desire to continue playing. In 2001, he decided to take a course in music production, chose to “Hangar 15″ school at the time the owners were double “Drumagick and DJ Ramilson Maia”, after completing the course, started making his own productions. Today, with his own label “All Street Recordings” is launching many artists and his own music that will always stand out in Brazil, which has already released several tracks and unreleased on labels such as Innerground Records / Phuzion Recordings / Celsius Recordings / V Recordings / Liquid V / Chronic Records / Good Looking Records / Ambra Recordings / Sheer Velocity Recordings / Have a Break Recordings / Westbay Music / Basswerk Recordings / All Street Recordings / Ambra Recordings / Blusaphir Recordings / Bios Recordings / Drum & Bass Arena Music / Soul Deep Recordings / Fokuz Recordings / Influenza Media / Beatalistics Recordings, among other bands already signed with other Labels and played by DJs as Marky / Andy C / Fabio / Makoto / Grooverider / Bailey / Nookie / Random Movement / Crissy Criss / A-Sides / Dj Andy among others.In early 2013 he decided to do some partnerships with other artists like Nelver (Russia), Scott Allen (Usa) Translate (Brazil), who won more production time and more return, today continues its partnerships with Translate every day and has shown that the evolution of the double only grow.


Inspired by Bukem and Fabio in the mid 90’s Soultecs journey into deep Drum & Bass began. DJing from 98 the move to production was a natural choice. In 2005 he set about creating Drum & Bass influenced by his love for Soul and Jazz.
Clocking up a number of vinly & digital releases in recent years on labels such as Sound Trax, Textures Music & Rubik, with forthcoming material on Luv Disaster, Phuzion, Jazzsticks, Have a break  and many more. Soultec also hosts a weekly show on world renowned internet station Bassdrive.


Bruno Henrique Rezende de Souza aka Subsid began his career as a producer in mid-2007 making music geared to the dancefloors, in 2008 devoted himself to a style as light and smooth on the “liquid drum and bass, producing music with inspiration in jazz and soul!  Currently he is focused on its new production and already participates in important projects of the global electronic scene.  Big names in the world give full support for their projects since the beginning of his career as Rusty, Nine, Stunner, Atmospherix, Operon, Fabio Chap, Critycal Dub & etc …

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