With his first signing to Doc Scott’s legendary 31 Records, Dan Brady AKA Mixmaster Doc, burst onto the drum & bass scene seemingly overnight. Humbled by the support of a whos who list of A-list DJ’s such as Fabio, Marky, NuTone, Lynx, Commix, Grooverider, LTJ Bukem, Asides & Goldie to name but a few, he became focused on producing the old school sound that originally drew him in at age 13. Born and raised in NJ, Doc spent most of his youth a slave to DJ culture, buying tapepacks, digging in the crates, and of course spending hours a day behind the decks. Even before he was able to drive, his grandmother made sure he never missed a beat, taking him to all the area records stores and at times even driving him to raves so he could play his first gigs. Though Dan’s original career was to be in medicine, hence the name “Doc”, he couldn’t shake his overwhelming passion for drum & bass. His move to Myrtle Beach, SC, where he currently resides, marks the pivotal moment where he gave up medicine and instead began to develop his trademark sound. Known for his cinematatic atmoshpheres, use of classic drum and bass breaks, and of course his earth shattering bass, Doc’s music quickly became popular with both djs and ravers a like. One cant help but hear Doc’s influences in music. Whether its the sub pounding bristol basslines or the eerie scifi vibe that was such a part of the legendary blue note sound, Doc’s music takes us back to a time when the music was alive and fresh. When the music was more then just music, when it was a way of life.


Bruno Mota aka Motta is a 23 years old Drum and Bass producer/DJ from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His influence comes from good music, going from brazilian music trhough Funk, Jazz to Hiphop and House. In his point of view, music is the World’s Salvation.

In 2007 he had his first tunes played by some top Djs like: Dj Patife, DWS, Human Factor and Cybass. His vibes are deep, soulfull and uplifting.
Motta is also a hiphop/rnb producer and has a project called “Lords Of The South” with two friend and co-workers : Lazy Eyes and Andressa Besson.
Is currently participating in the casting of the label LuvDisaster with tracks on releases “The Best of LUV – Remixes” with track “Beer Liquide – DJ Koiti & Oliver Ferrer – Motta Remix” and “What U Got (Org. Mix) – Motta”.More about the artist:



Was born in Athens in 1974. From the early age of 12, was already hosting his own radio show, something which played a leading role in his future. Feels incredibly lucky to have lived throughout the evolution of the “new” dance scene from the end of the 80s with Acid and Techno music. However the sounds which marked his life were Breakbeat, today’s Oldschool Hardcore,Drum’n’bass.For the past 15 years has been hosting his own dance zone in Kiss Fm of Mytilene, while collaborated with ERA Fm, the Hellenic Radio Station (Regional Station of the Aegean), promoting pieces that were groundbreaking at the time, given the background of the national radio station in reference…..

Produces on the side of some great producers such as Clart, Dynamik, Scot Allen, Motta, Duo Science, Static, MJT, PaulSG, Subway Funk, SubSid, soulTec ect.and has releases on various Labels (some forthcoming) to Good Looking, Future Thinkin, Have-A-Break, Fokuz, Telluric, Luv Disaster, Extent, Offworld, Totaal Rez, Textures Music, Touchtone, Think Deep, LDNB, Pitbull, Stepping Forward, Soul Deep, Liquid Drumz and Black Reflections

His tunes have been supported last years from many djs around the globe such as LTJ Bukem, A-Sides, Nookie, Jumping Jack Frost, Atlantic Connection, PaulSG, Random Movement, JayRome, Bachelors Of Science, AshAtak, Command Strange, Lm1, Greg Packer, Future Thinkin, Muwookie, Telmo A, Phil Tangent,Overfiend, Stunna , Jason Magin

Finally has been hosting a very successful monthly podcast exclusive on www.liquiddnb.com with great guests and great fresh liquid dnb http://www.liquiddnb.com/liquiddnbsessions

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