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Exper1ment aka Alexandr Berbelytskyy from Chervonograd, Ukraine.



Kiril Bonev aka Funkware is bulgarian based DJ and producer.
He has been a music lover since his early age and have huge collection of techno, house, funk and jazz. Then, in 2009 started mixing.
However, his interest in drum & bass music was awaken in 2010 when he loved the style. Drum and bass become an inseparable part of his life ever since and in the end of 2011 he starts producing his own music.
Funkware’s style is unique thanks to the funk, jazz and soul music influences, combined with deep and rolling sound. A successful start for the new producer is expected considering many forthcoming releases and also a very good assessment by the world drum and bass scene.




Giorgiolive the producer of drum and bass, broken beats and the like, one of the resident Djs of the Night of Drum n Bass Drum n Bass +160 Argentina Suite, and participated in three recent editions of Creamfields Buenos Aires as Dj and bass and keyboardist of Bad Boy Orange Freak Circus.

He has played the most important events of the style, from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo, passing the best places in Santiago de Chile, Viña del Mar and Asunción. Recognized for his music and DJs, of which has divided the cabin, playing his music at parties and spreading on their radio shows, including Power 97FM from Brazil, and Argentine radio and recognized Metro 95.1.

Among the DJs who support their music are: Rascal the Brazilians, and Marnel Koloral, Argentines and Bad Boy Orange Dj Buey, Stunna (USA, Chicago), Jason Magin (USA, Philadelphia) Bass Reflex and Paraguay.

As a producer, worked with the Brazilian Dj Patife two songs from her latest album “Na Estrada”, released by Trama.

Produced original music with singer JEye English and in collaboration with MCs like Chili Flow Parker (Antipatikoz, Gotan Project) and one of the promises of hip hop Paraguayan Mc Kosmyk Denots of MCs, led by talented producer and DJ Ariel Soler (Lopez Reflex & Bass) who also made numerous recordings.

Remixed one of pop figures of the new Argentine Sergio Pangaro, from her album Baccarat en Castellano (edited by Pop Art), has just produced a remix for the singer from Bahia Rafael Pondé together with its partners Paulista Wes & Will, to the music of Morena do Mar. Besides that work together, he actually has done interesting projects with the jazzy vocals destacadíssima Rosario (ARG), Eugenia Craviotto, he has been gaining space on the charts in the Brazilian Radio programs such as: Bassline @ Energia 97FM and Clubtronic in Brazil and The Green Room & Fuzed Funk from USA.

The extensive list of productions Giorgiolive range versions of the American Sathya Project and English and (Ex) Roni Size & Reprazent, Dj SUV, from his last LP, Rhythm & Bass (Playside).

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