The project Critycal Dub began in 2006 when DJs Thiago Borges and DavidAcuna knew the producer over the Internet. The initial idea was to try to do something different, try to look for a different style than all producers were in Brazil, since most producers produced only a liquid style. And so we begin to make the productions always looking for versatility and so we begin to make a styleRagga Jump Up and it could be a difference, and thus create the identity of the project Critycal Dub.
Our influences come from a variety of sources, such as classical music, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop, Jungle, and influences house … in 2007 signed the band RudeBwoy’s the chronic, subselo’s V Recordings label Bryan Gee and followingsigned tracks like Silence, and Touch the Sky, our partnership with friend and producer Level 2! We have the T5 project with Level 2 and DJ Rusty, and released by V. LIQUID Critycal Dub is currently comprised of David and ThiagoBorges, and today also released by LuvDisaster Records, Love Hurts and Low Frequency Audio Promo. Critycal Dub has performed in some countries such as Argentina, Chile and England.



With more support and upcoming co-laborations than can be mentioned, Dave Owen is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in drum-n-bass; just go ask LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Fabio or Bailey, whom all drop Dave’s tunes on the regular.

The young producer’s style blends hip-hop and old soul samples w/ crisp drums to create a sound that is truly unique.

Between a number of smaller releases, his 12″ on Influence and massive ‘Yo Girl’ forthcoming on Creative Source Dave has had a great response in the DnB charts and top 10s for the past few months. Watch for much more to come from this musical savant.


Representing New York City, Dave is a known and devoted contributor to the North American Drum and Bass community. Owner of Driven AM, the premier North American DnB Artist Management, Record Label, and Production company. Events coordinator and resident DJ for various NYC parties including ‘100% Original’ and for the past 6 years as part of the legendary NYC production team Direct Drive. Music has been a part of Dave’s life since a very young age. Dave’s extensive music background includes performing in local and regional theatre, singer/songwriter in a band (1996-2001), guitar player/singing in a jazz band on multiple trips to Italy alongside respected Jazz Pianist Pete Malinverni, Djing since 1998, producing electronic music since 2002.

Dave has multiple releases out and forthcoming on Luv Disaster, Peer Pressure Recordings, Liquid Brilliants, Basswerk (solo as well as alongside Sol.ID), Influenza Minus, Electronic River Recordings, and Driven AM Recordings. Currently collaborating with Mixmaster Doc, Sol.ID, Dave Owen and DJ Seen. His music is being supported by Random Movement, TC1, Dstar, Stunna, Mixmaster Doc, Dave Owen, Kevin Focus, Submorphics and many others.

A Dj that has performed live more than 190 times in 12 States in the past 12 years alongside some of the biggest names in DnB, everyone from Goldie to High Contrast. Dave is a driven individual, whose passion for Drum and Bass shows in his music and live performance. 2009 was a huge year for Dave, touring the US on numerous occasions playing dates for some of the most respected nights in DnB including Respect (LA), Elements (Boston), Cleveland DnB Coalition, Fluid (Mass), Liquid (San Diego), Thunder (Burlington) and many others.

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