V/A – The Best of Luv Remixes Vol. 3 – LUV076


Artist: V/A
Title: The Best of Luv Remixes Vol. 3
Cat N. LUV076
Release Date: 21.04.2014

01. Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Tight Polite (Pennygiles Remix)
02. Euphorics – Book Dust (Oliver Ferrer Remix)
03. Andrezz – He Come Around (mSdoS Remix)
04. Subsid & mSdoS – Don’t Make Sense (Funkware Remix)
05. Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards – Shuffle as One (Oliver Ferrer & Koiti Remix)
06. Linky – Showdown (Dirtbag Remix)
07. Tim Cant – This Must Be Luv (Salaryman Remix)
08. Giorgiolive – Only You (Motta Remix)
09. Critycal Dub – Better Things (VIP)
10. Tim Cant – Apache Trip (VIP)


Alexus – Filtered Inspirations – LUV075


Artist: Alexus
Title: Filtered Inspirations
Cat N. LUV075
Release Date: 07.04.2014

01.  Alexus – Filtered Inspirations (Orig Mix)
02. Alexus – Everything to the People (Orig Mix)
03. Alexus – Jungle in my Head (Orig Mix)


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