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Final Tracklisting! Brazilian Team mixed by DJ Patife

At the time of the World Cup we present our compilation “Brazilian Team” mixed by DJ Patife. We prepared a special selection of songs selected by the label and mixed by the Mighty DJ Patife. A great selection of tunes only from our Brazilian producers bringing our official “Brazilian Team”.

The compilation will be released on CD & Digital until the end of the WorldCup.

You can also read your exclusive interview @ Drum and Bass Arena Blog talking about our news and updates! Check it out!


01- Zilli feat. Lady EMZ – Brazil (Orig Mix)
02- Mayforms – I Never Thought (Orig Mix)
03- Critycal Dub – Got Me Waiting (Orig Mix)
04- Oliver Ferrer – All Night Long (Orig Mix)
05- Andrezz – Someone (Orig Mix)
06- Subsid – Danço Sem Parar (Orig Mix)
07- Simplification & Translate feat. Regina – Bare Your Soul. (Orig Mix)
08- DJ Chap – Flash (Orig Mix)
09- Drumagick – Pressure (Orig Mix)
10- Level 2 – Can You Get It (Orig Mix)
11- C.A.B.L.E. – Ask Me A Question (Orig Mix)
12- L-Side – Rude Clap (Orig Mix)
13- Poeck feat. Anne Noronha – Falling Down (Orig Mix)
14- Dirtbag – The Last Of Us (Orig Mix)
15- DJ Rusty – Moon Green (Orig Mix)
16- Young G – Moves Your Soul (Orig Mix)
17- Duoscience – Extra Minutes (Orig Mix)

Mixed by DJ Patife



D&Brazil: LuvDisaster | Drum & Bass Arena :: Blog

Brazilian D&B acts as a fluid, fast & instinctive team, bristling with unpredictability and style. Fitting then to catch up with Oliver Ferrer from stunning, maverick local label LuvDisaster as one huge event unearths another…

Hey how is 2014 in Brazil, Oliver?

I think that 2014′s a great year for Brazil… and in the time of the World Cup we’re preparing a new and exclusive release with only Brazilian producers, mixed by the Mighty Patife.

That looks and sounds big! Patife at the helm too.

I guess he’s the best DJ to perfectly represent and present our Brazilian Team. There are 17 tracks on this compilation bringing the Brazilian vibes from producers like Chap. Level 2, Rusty, Critycal Dub, Drumagick, DuoScience, C.A.B.L.E., L-Side, Simplification & Transalte, Poeck & many more. Watch out for the final tracklisting as the World Cup unfolds.

So, for people new to the label and your VIBE what are you about?

I’m a music lover & Graphic designer working with electronic music since 2002 when I started my first label in Brazil, URBR Records.

LuvDisaster is a record label that I launched with my friend DJ Koiti in 2008. He’s been there since the beginning of Brazilian D&B.

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Exper1ment – Back To – LUV078


Artist: Exper1ment
Title: Back To
Cat N. LUV078
Release Date: 09.06.2014

01.  Exper1ment – Back To (Orig Mix)
02. Exper1ment – Life it’s a Jazz (Orig Mix)


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