LuvDisaster Podcast Guest #001 By DJ.Jann


This is a brand new series of LuvDisaster Podcast Series. At our first edition we bring to you an exclusive mix from DJ Jann (Brazil).
It’s Free Download!


Abstract People feat. Mc Megazimze – Bad Time Bad Place (Orig Mix)
Young G – Hurricane Sounds (Oliver Ferrer Remix)
Treex – No Luv (Orig Mix)
Critycal Dub & DJ Chap – Squarehead (Orig Mix)
A-Sides & Mc Fats – Crazy (Oliver Ferrer Remix)
Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Tight Polite (Pennygiles Remix)
KilldaBrain – Shooting the Moon in The Eye (Orig Mix)
Andrezz – He Comes Around (MSDOS Remix)
Critycal Dub – Better Things (VIP)
Oliver Ferrer – Amen & Love (Lynx Remix)
DJ Chap & Iriann Joyce – Emotions (Orig Mix)
Euphorics – Book Dust (Orig Mix)
Soultec & Mark Halflite – Loves Easy (Orig Mix)
Subsid & mSdoS – Don’t Make Sense (Funkware Remix)
Ji Ben Gong feat. Yasmeen – Feeling So High (Oliver Ferrer Remix) DNBB Recordings
Alexus – Jungle in My Head (Orig Mix)
Drumagick – Give Yourself To Me (Original Mix)
Mixmaster Doc – At First Site (Orig Mix)
Oliver Ferrer & DJ Koiti – Many, Many, Many! (Orig Mix)

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LuvDisaster Crew @ Skol Beats Factory – Free Beats 2 Anos

LuvDisaster Crew @ Free Beats 2 Anos @ Skol Beats Factory 19.07.2014

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Friction @ BBC Radio 1 – Oliver Ferrer – Amen & Love (LYNX Remix)

Friction just dropped – Oliver Ferrer – Amen & Love (LYNX Remix) @ BBC Radio 1

Check the complete playlist:
Artist: Oliver Ferrer, LYNX
Title: Amen & Love EP 12″
Cat N. LUV001VN

Release Date: 07.07.2014

01. Oliver Ferrer – Chasing Summers (Orig Mix)
02. Oliver Ferrer – Amen & Love (LYNX Remix)

OUT NOW!!! Vinyl 12″…-and-love-ep/…n-love/541437-01/

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